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Hardware store owner infuriated after black silhouette holding store sign, was repeatedly shot by police officers.

It was a typical Monday morning for most people, except for the locals of Stockton when they heard gun fire go off outside of their neighborhood Dunkin donuts. Bystanders were in shock when they proceeded to go outside and found a black cardboard cutout holding a sign filled with bullet holes. One of the officers was quoted as saying, “I saw him reaching for something.” and another quoted as saying, “Sir stop resisting!” Our field anchor Robert Dingle wood, spoke with the owner of Ace’s tough hardware, and he had the following to say, “ This is the third time this year, this has happened. First they tried accusing me of being an accomplice of robbery and then tried arresting Jimmy, which is what I call my silhouette cut out, up front. They tried cuffing him, but he wouldn’t fit in the cuffs…. He’s a Goddamn piece of cardboard for f**** sake!” Here’s what Chief of the police had to say about the situation… ” Rest assured, knowing that proper action has been taken to punish the officers involved. Officer Valadez has been sent home on paid leave for his actions. Officer Rodgers has been sent to a different city with only a slight pay increase to deter him from committing such atrocities again. “