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University Dean forced to resign after allegations of self rape turn out to be True

Michael G. Williams; a name common in households around Greenwich university. A smiling face and a friend of the students, until now. He may have seemed to be a regular person with regular interests, and even participated in fund raisers and was known for often volunteering on his spare time. Michael G. Williams was a beloved character until allegations of self rape started to spread around school, at first only a rumor, and the rumors continued on, and on, until some evidence was released. A student who wishes to remain undisclosed had this statement to make…

“ I was walking to his office to get my chem grade fixed, cause it’s total bullshit that I got a D, everybody knows I’m smarter than that And Mrs. Richardson is a total fat bitch and takers her anger out on me because I’m beautiful, and everything she wanted to be when she was my age. Like god…. So I’m at the door to his office and I hear moaning, so I get closer and I put my ear against the door and I knew it was definitely Mr. Williams. I opened the door and there, and his gross ass was choking himself with his belt while jerking off. I can’t believe he would do that to himself, can you imagine harassing your body like that, like no way. “

 Moments before Dean Williams was forced to resign students built up the courage to leave their safe spaces, and in an act of braveness started tweeting. That same night students who had been sexually assaulted by themselves met up and shared their stories. In tears they bonded and a sigh of relief was had after Dean Williams resigned, this was his final statement, “ Students I apologize for my behavior no person should have to go through the pain and suffering that is rape, especially when you’re the victim and the perpetrator, before I leave I have a punishment set up for me as an extra sorry to the trouble I have caused all you.” Moments after the speech Dean Williams got on his knees, sat on his heels, and students lined up to take turns choking him.